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Advanced Engineering Unit

Technological management & development

The Advanced Engineering Unit (AEU) does overall management and support the development of the institute's technological research lines and assets.

Supporting missions & experiments

The AEU is responsible of providing ICE’s technological expertise that allows the institute to participate in the development of new missions and astronomical observatories.

This unit works together with project's Principal Investigators (PI) to support the development of the technological aspects of the project,  including the strategic value of keeping the know-how for future projects.

Among other tasks, AEU members support ICE staff with the design, implementation and testing of electronic hardware, software and mechanical parts. The AEU runs also the laboratories of the institute.


Our tasks

Running the labs

Technology assessment in project fostering actions

Who are we?

Department heads

Meet the researchers who lead the Advanced Engineering Unit (AEU).
  • Serni Ribó

  • Miquel Nofrarias

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