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The Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) has partnered with the Magnet initiative to help fight school segregation in Catalonia.

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La Veu Còsmica, a podcast combining art and science

Could there be life on Mars? What are gravitational waves? What are the alternative theories to the Big Bang? How can we measure the rate of expansion of the universe? These and many other questions give life to La veu còsmica, an audiovisual podcast in Catalan that combines science, music and poetry.

Throughout 12 chapters of 25 minutes, the researcher Lluís Galbany, from the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) and member of the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC), accompanied by the poet Esteve Plantada and the musician Joan Garriga, interviews experts on different topics in astrophysics and cosmology, such as space exploration, black holes, dark matter or supernovae.

The project is funded by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI), thanks to the Joan Oró 2022 Grants for the promotion of scientific culture in Catalonia, as well as the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC), the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), the Institute of High Energy Physics (IFAE) and the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB).

Territorio Gravedad, a documentary series on the universe

ICE-CSIC researchers and engineers Carlos Sopuerta, Miquel Nofrarias and Víctor Martín participate at the documentary series Territorio Gravedad: a journey through the cosmos with gravity as a common thread.

The first four episodes can be found at RTVE Play. The first season (episodes 1-8) can be enjoyed on Filmin and, as a video on demand, on Vimeo. Find more information here.

Pulsars: A tale of cosmic clocks

"Pulsars: A tale of cosmic clocks" is a short film that has been awarded the 1st ex-aequo Prize for Scientific Short Films by Ciencia en Acción 2022. It brings together storytellers and scientists, combining live action and animation, in an engaging story about the space travel of a teenage girl with the mysterious lady who discovered pulsars. The film also wanted to deal with the issue of female contribution to science and the gregarious role that women are still playing in STEM today.

The subject of this short movie has been conceived by Dr. Nanda Rea from the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) and the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC), and directed by the film director Niccoló Bruna, Matias Guerra and Marcos Valdes from VIS - Virtual Immersions in Science, the first spin-off of Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and produced by 15L Films.

Objectes de la Recerca: Dia de l'Asteroide

La Delegació del CSIC a Catalunya inaugura l'exposició 'Objectes de la Recerca' a la seu de Barcelona, que té com a objectiu mostrar la recerca que es duu a terme als diferents centres del CSIC a través d'objectes excepcionals. Amb motiu del Dia de l'asteroide, l'exposició queda inaugurada amb el meteorit Sikhote-Alin, procedent de l'Institut de Ciències de l'Espai (ICE-CSIC).

En aquest vídeo, disponible en castellà i català, l'investigador de l'ICE-CSIC i de l'IEEC Josep Maria Trigo-Rodríguez parla de la caiguda del meteorit Sikhote-Alin, la caracterització i recuperació de nous meteorits i la importància d'estudiar meteorits en el marc de futures missions espacials.

Càpsules audiovisuals gravades i editades en castellà i català per INSPIRE VIDEO Héctor Cabezas.

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